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Something new, something odd: coffee & butter!


Drinking coffee is like any other drink: moderation is necessary to avoid an overload of caffeine which can affect your general health.

The video below explains this chain reaction.

When we are turning up for work whether in a shop, warehouse or office, we don’t actually think twice about the way the station/desk is setup.

However, after a few hours/years aches and pains can eventually occur.

It is not only linked to age but, ergonomics is a major subject which is too often ignored.

So, a barista is standing behind a counter and near an espresso machine for an average of 7 hours a day – office workers are however sitting down for the same length of time and warehouse employees have in general to move heavy parcels and organize delivery rounds. All this to say that it is sometimes essential to step back and review the well-being and health of the staff.

According to an article on BBC News:

…A number of studies have suggested that constantly sitting at work is bad for you. So could workplaces be rejigged around standing up…

A significant change might be required which was already reported in 2012 (Read details HERE).

Being comfortable at work is after all not such a strange request.

Baristas can also “suffer” if the work top is too high/low. Have you noticed that sometimes they are struggling to see whether the milk is correctly steamed or just even the operation of pulling an espresso and reaching for cups. It is essential to think about these little details which could change the daily performance of a workplace. But why is this rarely studied in order to make sure that everyone is happy and pain free?!

Probably, the main factor which will make employers reluctant to switch to something different is of course, the cost of sit/stand desks!

This question comes to mind: why is there a doubt on spending cash for the comfort of the work force?

It is sure that the more desks/work tops are required and the cheapest it will certainly be. How can SME deal with it when the budget is already limited?

There is also the fact that not everyone in an office will want to stand by a computer all day long – and forcing individuals may have a bad repercussion on the morale. The choice has to be given rather than making an executive decision. This is also a difficult part.

Adjustable desks/tables are already in use in a few places such as at the BBC‘s new building. Almost a rarity…but so important for our postures.

It is certain that adjustable offices/work places would be a good idea but maybe not for all careers.

Some graphic design studio or other creatives might prefer the traditional minimalistic surface with wide screens to be in control of what is displayed as all details are important to meet clients requirements.

Importance of the posture at work

Importance of the posture at work

It is understandable, that not all businesses will have the means to change its layout and invest in brand new furniture. The alternative would be to give all personnel the right to have more regular breaks to exercise and get more comfortable (but not on a sofa) – this will surely help to develop a positive atmosphere between everyone and even build a stronger rapport between co-workers and head of departments.

Standing desk ergonomics

Standing desk ergonomics

Being present in a working environment for a length of time can be stressful. Baristas are regularly under the pressure of orders for “in a rush” customers.

When making coffee not only the way the espresso machine and the grinder are setup must be considered but also the size of the tamper: small hands will struggle with a tall handle and the same goes with big hands and small handle.

Tamper handle sizes

Tamper handle sizes

Ergonomics is omnipresent but seems to be disregarded by to many of us. Think twice next time you check-in for your working day and eventually report potential changes to your boss – it mustn’t be seen as a criticism but as an advice to avoid injuries and posture issues.