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Production of the latest interpretation of the Volkswagen Kombi, the van generations used for Overseas Experience around Europe, moves a step closer when it appears at next month’s Frankfurt motor show.

So, it is a Kombi but called Bulli…confusing.

…The downsized Bulli (the German name for the original Kombi) is said to offer a more affordable small wagon for booming mini-MPV markets in Europe…

Initially revealed as a concept in March during the Geneva Show, the Bulli is smaller than the original Kombi and based on the micro Up! hatchback, one of a number of pint-sized concepts shown in recent years. However, with seats folded, the cargo capacity of the 1.8 metre long interior increases to 1,600 litres. An ideal transformation for a potential mobile café business.

The Bulli is one of a number of models to be based on the Volkswagen Up! architecture, a flexible platform the VW Group will use over coming years.

…the Up! Family consists of three concept vehicles, the two door Up!, the Space Up! And the Space Up! Blue Van…

So, there are a few things in the Volkswagen pipelines for the years to come.

The Bulli will join 3 and 5-door hatchback versions of the Up in an all-new baby-car family from VW and could itself develop into a range of compact VW models, including people-carrier, camper, sub-Caddy van and even commercial  derivatives.

So a new range of vans for sale for the German manufacturer.

There are various ways to advertise.

Some are using leaflets, e-newsletters, posters, sms, or most commonly short videos.

All these various means must have an impact on a specific product in  order to increase the turnover of the business.

It is necessary to have a:

  • marketing plan
  • plan of action
  • budget
  • target.

Volkswagen is a company which seems to have understood, what to do and how to do it. Most commercial, if not all, have something rather special & unique. A specific style to convey the image of the business.

Whether they advertise new vehicles (cars – vans) or even used vans, their message is always short but is having a weight on why we should buy the legendary VW logo, without any questions around it.

At the beginning of this month Volkswagen have launched their new commercial for the….2012 Passat!

Rather odd story about a child dressed as Darth Vader who uses the Force when he discovers the new car, parked outside a house in the driveway.

Surrealistic of course! But, is it good enough to sell a car. There is a(kind of) gap between fiction and reality, we all know that!

What could be the next marketing theme? Erm…why not a commercial for all new vans or even used vans featuring the A-Team?

Hopefully the “creatives” will have more inspiration for the next campaign!