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People are already talking about 2012 as THE year of various exciting events.

Some are saying that 2012 in London is like an ongoing year of festivals.

For that reason and to help everyone to pick the right activities there is a dedicated site: London 2012 Festival.

There is also this QR Code to access it rapidly from any Smartphones:

But there will be something for everyone: 325 events in various categories.

  • Arts
  • Books
  • Comedy
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Food
  • Kids & Family
  • Music
  • Theatre….etc

The Festival, will include 12-week of dance, music, theatre, literature and arts.

…It’s the hottest ticket of the year – the most exciting festival the UK has ever seen, bringing more than 10 million opportunities to see 1,000 performances and events. Leading artists from all over the world will come together for this unique event to celebrate London 2012. Whether you love dance, music, theatre, fashion, food, art or film, you’ll find something you can get involved in. It’s happening all around the UK, with many free events suitable for families. Search by genre to find something you’ll love…

Since June 2011, a lot of people saved & spent in order to get their tickets for the Olympic Games taking place in London and around the United Kingdom (see Olympic competition schedule).

Now these tickets are like gold dust…prices reaching £2.012!!! But people registered, applied and bought them.

Wondering who could spend such amount for a single ticket? But apparently, real fans are ready to almost over-spend. They consider the Olympics as a unique life-time experience.

Attending the Olympics is a real buzz for most people because so rare. It is like trying to set up a business; investing time, effort and money to reach what you are after, similar to an entrepreneur.

A kind of assault course, for a single ticket: you need to be fast, innovative, full of energy and willing to face walls. But naturally, who says buying means investment services too.

But eventually, you get what you wish despite of a lot of stress, anxiety and research. A win–win situation.

2012 is almost there and it is going to be a colourful, cultural & interactive year.

And to complete it there is the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube page.

Pacquiao was named fighter of the decade for the 2000s by the Boxing Writers Association of America. He is a world champion in 8 weight divisions.

Pacquiao, who is in Manila, cannot make the awards (Laureus World Sportsman) because he is due to fly to the US on Wednesday for an itinerary that includes a private meeting with the US president, Barack Obama.

However, he seems keen to take a flight to Abu Dhabi from Manila. But organising his last fight in the UAE is a real headache.

After Pacquiao fights Shane Mosley in Las Vegas on May 7, the deal for him to fight in Singapore is “90% done”, although no date has been agreed” added his Canadian adviser, Mr Koncz.

AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

The date of that match could determine when the boxer could fight in the UAE.

There are 425,000 Filipinos employed in the United Arab Emirates, but it looks like his next fight is in Singapore.

His adviser is organising and negotiating with people in Singapore. Is there a reason for this?

Why Singapore first rather than Abu Dhabi?

Surely the boxer himself should have the right to choose where he prefers to fight!?

Is there something which can’t be revealed?