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Coffee shop life is overall interesting, because there are a lot of things happening (to see and to hear).

Each day is different, same goes with customers.

Weekends see the visit of couples and families for an early or mid-morning breakfast involving hot drinks and cakes or pastries.

At that particular time of the week, there are way more people in town and consequently, waiting to get serve can happen – even if the barista is trying to produce cappuccinos faster. Being patient is important and it is not about rushing. The coffee shop wants to deliver quality and the customers want the same thing. But for some reasons, individuals are getting stressed because they have to wait slightly longer than normally.

Are weekend cafe breakfasts worth it?

Whatever on sale is as fresh as during the week, this is certain. The observation is more about how people behave between themselves. Sometimes it almost seems painful and we could ask the question: are couples going out for that “treat” to forget the week’s stress and boredom? And this initially good idea becomes a regrettable choice.

Myf Warhurst (The Guardian) wrote an article about that matter.

But this is not all. There is also the situation concerning weekend newspapers. Why do shoppers go out for a potential purchase and enjoy that experience but then decide to hide  behind gossip pages in a coffee shop, sip their cup of coffee and sadly ignore each other. Some families prefer to use their own tablets/smartphones providing that there is WiFi.

Folded newspaper

Folded newspaper

Is there actually a different mood and demand when the weekend is here? It can be difficult to understand that increase of lack of patience when there is in fact no rush to go to work. What are people after and why does everything need to be fast(er)?

Taking time to shop, travel, eat is from the past. Do people have less time to complete their daily tasks? Maybe too many distractions such as checking emails and updating their social media status?!

Click on infographic for larger version

Social Media status infographic

Social Media status infographic

It is certain that the internet and everything going around it can affect our lives. Mobile phones are becoming portable computers with various Apps to answer several queries – from television programmes to weather forecasts and other timetables or restaurant deals.

The uploading/streaming of the information also needs to be faster or “it is not good enough“. People working in the digital industry have then the challenge to get things right rapidly or it could be a real miss. Website design, apps navigation and all other development have to fit with end-users requirements. Not always easy, but great when it becomes perfect.

However, day-to-day business is not a virtual world. Could life be simpler without all the technology and would individuals have more time to wait and enjoy real interaction and banter with a barista when going for their Dominical breakfast?

A few years back, cream teas were the ideal moment to sit down and taste the unique flavour of clotted cream and jam on freshly baked and still warm scones. Are we missing such tradition and is the 21st century too superficial?

Coffee shop internet

Coffee shop internet

We like tea as well and this product is just an awesome idea for tea lovers but also for a fantastic and different gift.

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar has been developed by the Hamburg based creative agency Kolle Rebbe,  first calendar in the world of its type.

Tea Calendar

Tea Calendar

Tea Calendar Step by Step - brewing

Tea Calendar Step by Step – brewing


Larger version HERE